Nsflow use cases

A comprehensive AR solution with two powerful modules that will support your daily operations.

Main solutions

Use separately or combine together and see how Nsflow can help your company grow.
digital workflowsDigital workflows icon
Digital Workflows
A workflow module allows you to create sequences of operations easily and with no coding needed. It provides unrestricted access to knowledge and simplifies its management.
remote supportRemote support icon
Remote support
With a remote support module, your technicians can connect with experts that might be located far away. Thanks to AR glasses, they can provide detailed instructions in real-time – to solve any technical issues swiftly.

Nsflow Box

Our industrial platform in a plug & play version. An alternative to cloud solutions or a long and risky on-premises deployment.

More use cases

Nsflow Augmented Reality platform provides you with solutions that ensure your business continuity, help you improve your operations, and address any problems faster.
Industrial onboarding
Perform factory acceptance tests remotely, thanks to augmented reality.
Remote operations, maintenance and inspection
Speed up and automate industrial onboarding processes in your company.
Fire safety training with augmented reality
Provide immersive experience to boost the efficiency of OHS training.
Service optimization
Employ AR in empowering service and overhaul operations.
Tame the potential of AR-powered maintenance and service operations.
difficult working conditions solutions
Let AR be your ally while working in demanding environments.
Knowledge transfer standardization
Apply AR when developing a unified, up-to-date knowledge base across your enterprise
Remote training solutions
In a world open to remote work more than ever before, new training opportunities are essential to ensure consistent skill development.
Powering audit and assurance
Utilize the watchful eye of AR to ensure the highest quality in industrial operations.

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