Croupier training
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Augmented reality croupier training

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About the client
A leading casino courses provider, originating from the United Kingdom, offering practice-based croupier training and teaching a wide range of game-related skills.
Inability to offer fully fledge practice-based training and evaluation during the COVID-19 pandemic to clients interested in croupier training.
Augmented reality adoption in providing full-blown remote training using chips and holograms to the game.

About the project

Supply and demand

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ace Academy couldn’t cater to the needs of those willing to take part in the courses under new regulations.

AR expertise

The industry requires learning diverse actions to properly host the games. Our client delivered us a special rubber mat to act as a background of AR content, allowing for better training efficiency.
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AR training


Mastering sequences

Ace Academy doesn’t rely solely on theory in its training. Becoming a croupier entails acing operation of certain equipment and accessories, and training muscle memory.

Trainee-trainer interaction

Instructions from experienced trainers are invaluable to course participants. No basic tutorials and learning patterns could replace contact with the expert in taught games.

Progress monitoring and evaluation

Trainees learning most of the material remotely at their own pace needed precise remote evaluation, reducing the need to show up at the premises.

Overcoming distance

Courses offered pre-pandemic were fully stationary. Once the travel and gathering restrictions were imposed, the interest couldn't be met with the previous training model.

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The solution

The proposed solution is a demo version of a fully functional training platform, currently awaiting investment. AR-powered features that enhance training include:
More than calls
The AR training module
The platform displays digital instructions. Spatial awareness is the key to placing game-related items over a physical mat, supplementing the AR training.
Service checklists
The knowledge assessment module
Tests on the theoretical part followed by exercises requiring users to indicate particular elements on a digital model, place tokens on the mat, and answer questions on the visualized situation.
safety and efficiency
Instructor panel
The instructor has direct insight into tests assessing the acquired knowledge. User management, progress monitoring, remote tests, and generating certificates – all in one place.
Industrial onboarding
Easy reporting
An accessible feature allowing 24/7 insight into trainees’ development and further learning paths. Reports are generated automatically, saving time on the manual breakdown of training data.
Croupier case study

The outcome

New potential

Croupier training no longer needs to be carried out on-site. AR offers all the necessary functions allowing for all-around remote casino staff courses.

Training consistency

With Nsflow, Ace Academy can offer steady, in-depth training to all trainees. With AR, subsequent courses can be added anytime new games are introduced.
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