Occupational health and safety and fire training

Provide immersive experience to boost the efficiency of OHS training.
OHS and fire training

Occupational health and safety

Prepare your employees to work safely with realistic AR training.
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Fire exit

Health and safety in the workplace

Occupational health and safety training is necessary to ensure the security of employees, facility, and company’s property.

Primary prevention of hazards

Preparing personnel to respond properly to possible hazards is crucial for on-site safety. Going beyond the minimum required by law improves memorizing and appropriate reactions when an accident occurs.

One for all, all for one

Safety is a common cause and each team member should aim at contributing to it. The better the staff is trained, the safer the workplace.
Fire safety training with augmented reality

Hazard prevention training challenges

Traditional OHS training has its flaws impacting long-term effectiveness

Is time-consuming

Traditional training is more burdensome, and usually requires a certain amount of team’s time and a trainer, finding suitable terms, and adjusting to schedules.

Can be outdated

Each time legal requirements and regulations change, or the facility floor plan is rearranged, the training needs complementary content and updates.

Is costly

Aside from being time-consuming, traditional training requires classrooms, instructional materials, and often entails additional costs (renting practice equipment, facility fees, etc.).

Involves risk

Presentation of risky behavior in the workplace and training procedures on responding to occurring hazards may put employees in danger if anything gets out of control.

Is unrealistic

Learning about real-life scenarios from presentations and paper manuals is less immersive and hard to transfer into actual behavior in dangerous situations.

What troubles your company?

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The solution

Tackling OHS and fire training challenges is possible with an AR platform:
digital workflowsDigital workflows icon
Digital Workflows
Interactive, immersive training with comprehensible instructions.
remote supportRemote support icon
Remote support
Establish a connection between on-site personnel and experts from around the world.
A variety of features for advanced training
3D models
3D models
The AR platform can present realistic, interactive 3D models and simulations. Users can access relevant materials recreating real-life incidents and ways of responding to hazards.
safety and efficiency
Precise reporting
Instructors have insights into participants’ results, seeing who has finished the training, and whose performance calls for repetition. Automatically generated reports are ready for future analysis.
Variety of formats
A variety of formats
The platform combines training materials in different formats to fully leverage the learning potential. Trainees can access text files, videos, PDF documents, and digital models without the need to download or print them.
quality assurance
QR code scanner
Particular pieces of training can be attributed to on-site locations and launched once the trainee scans the code. Certain actions are best practiced in the real environment for maximum efficiency, therefore instead of carrying manuals, participants use QR codes.
More than calls
Hands-free training
Users equipped with AR devices can train conveniently, using both hands to follow the digital instructions. Trainees can handle fire extinguishers, open safety doors, and try out protective gear without obstacles.

Benefits of AR occupational health and safety training

Standardized knowledge

No differences between teams or trainees of particular instructors. Everyone company-wide is on the same page and can respond in the same way to possible occurrences.

Realistic training

Using AR allows for simulation of difficult-to-reach surroundings and constructing training even in the potentially most dangerous scenarios (e.g. fire safety) without compromising employees’ safety.

High engagement

AR training is way more immersive than traditional paper manuals or solving quizzes. Engagement translates into better understanding and memorizing of learned material, consolidating acquired skills.

Easy progress assessment

The AR platform provides insights into the correctness of executed exercises and participants’ progress. Reports are generated automatically and allow for convenient analysis and tracking.
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