Machine operator case study atf
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Machine operator training under restrictive conditions

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About the client
An international corporation operating in the fields of industry, automotive and energy, contracting a specialized production line from one of our partners, TKM Projekt.
Difficulties with retaining a consistent level of expertise among technicians trained to operate and maintain machinery installed at clients’ premises.
Adopting the Nsflow platform installed on an industrial-grade PC to provide on-site access to the training platform without compromising data confidentiality.
products offered by the client
industrial robots
servo positioning systems
operators of the production line

About the project

Employee training

The machinery provider trained a group of clients’ technicians to operate and service the production line without the need to reach out for support to external experts.

Knowledge outflow

Over time, the experienced staff rotated. Their successors, without the expert knowledge from the machinery provider, weren’t able to meet the needs of the production plant.

Recurrent downtimes

Lack of on-site expertise leads to repetitive downtimes. New employees weren’t capable of performing immediate repairs to ensure the desired condition of the production line.

Inefficient process

Further operation required constant support from the production line provider, delegating personnel to assist on-site technicians in maintaining the work continuity.
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Machine operator case study atf


Machine operator training

Passing on knowledge internally didn’t work out. Transferring details on machinery maintenance and operation from one employee to another resulted in decrease of quality in servicing the production line.

Machinery operation

Without proper operation and care, the installed production line didn’t perform in the desired way. Ongoing machinery failures endangered operational efficiency of the plant.

Data protection

The client wouldn’t agree to connectivity with external networks, as internal regulations impose top data security standards. All solutions needed to work independently from the outside world.

Equipment issues

Providing instructions available on-site regardless of external support required additional equipment, compatible with present infrastructure. The solution had to be industry-grade and robust.

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The solution

The AR platform aides industrial companies by answering specialized needs
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The Nsflow Box
The Box combines the advantages of the SaaS approach in the cloud, e.g. avoidance of time-consuming and costly implementation with the on-premises option, guaranteeing data protection.
More than calls
AR devices
The Box connected with a mounted tablet, served as an easily-accessible kiosk. Using the heavy-duty AR glasses, employees can work hands-free in all conditions, displaying tutorials anywhere they need it.
no instructor needed
Easy communication
The solution serves as an access-point, containing the Nsflow platform and separate communication channels with end-devices (tablets, smartphones, AR glasses), independent from the customer's IT network.
Workflow creator
Standardized tutorials
The machinery provider created consistent tutorials regarding the production line maintenance to guide employees through encountered issues, in a regular or non-linear manner.
Machine operator case study outcome

The outcome

Training consistency

With the Nsflow platform, training became efficient and standardized. Digital materials guide technicians through encountered issues in a standard or nonlinear way, depending on needs.

Ensuring data safety

On-site installation of the industrial-grade PC allowed for all the substantive benefits of the platform and compliance to clients’ data protection policy.
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