Industrial onboarding

Speed up and automate industrial onboarding processes in your company.
Industrial onboarding

What industrial onboarding is

Get your employees ready to work with step-by-step AR training.
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Essential knowledge and skills

During onboarding, newly hired employees gain essential knowledge – about the company, its culture, team, tools used, etc. – and skills necessary to work independently.

Employee performance

This first impression is crucial for staff retention. It affects the way your organization is perceived, job satisfaction, and, consequently, employee performance.

Pertains to every employee

Everyone has to go through the onboarding process to learn how the company functions and what will be expected from them. Not to mention technical training that enables them to work with particular machinery.
Factory Acceptance testing


As employee turnover is high, factories face a variety of onboarding challenges:

Onboarding takes time

Onboarding processes take a lot of time – for both new employees and your managers. Your new staff needs to spend multiple hours getting ready for the job.

Onboarding involves risk

Learning new practical skills in an industrial environment involves a serious risk connected with, for example, machinery damage or detriment to health.

Onboarding is mundane

Most onboarding courses are obligatory for every new employee, such as OHS, and thus teaching the same material over and over again can be a mundane task for your experts.

Onboarding requires resources

Onboarding requires not only trainers but also staff that will take care of the whole process – assign courses, control their completion, re-assign them in case of failure, etc.

Onboarding is costly

Since time is money, every hour spent learning and teaching is an hour not spent working in the strict sense of the word.

What troubles your company?

We will be happy to discuss your needs and possible solutions.

The solution

The answer to the above challenges is a platform supported by AR with its two main modules:
digital workflowsDigital workflows icon
Digital Workflows
Create interactive training, instructions, and service procedures.
remote supportRemote support icon
Remote support
Connect your technicians working in the field and experts located far away.
And plenty of other features that will boost your onboarding
Service checklists
Easy management
The onboarding courses can be assigned automatically, depending on a new employee position and department. The system will monitor their completion and remind about due courses.
no instructor needed
No instructor needed
Thanks to AR training, practically all onboarding courses can take place without the presence of an instructor. Make use of digital twins of your machines and Digital Workflows.
easy access
Easy access
Your new employees can take onboarding courses at a convenient time and often place, at their own pace. They can devote as much time as they need to the particular material.
Industrial onboarding
Thorough reporting
You can see detailed statistics – who and when has finished which onboarding course and their results. Thus, you immediately know who might need extra help and guidance.
Variety of formats
A variety of formats
Onboarding with an augmented reality platform can take a lot of forms, such as e-learning courses, AR walks to get to know the plant, and on-the-job training with real machines.

Benefits of an onboarding platform

Onboarding is more effective

Nsflow allows for more engaging learning materials, utilizing a variety of formats and knowledge testing methods. It is more efficient than learning in the classroom only.

Onboarding is way cheaper

Once you create an onboarding course, you can share it with thousands of employees. There is no cost of teachers, training materials, facilities, and daily allowances.

Knowledge is standardized

With a unified training platform, you can be sure that everyone in your organization has access to the same knowledge. Your new hires become independent of instructors.

Working is safe

Digital workflows allow your employees to learn their tasks. The system verifies if a move was completed correctly and only then allows them to move further, minimizing the risk.
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