Service optimization / Repairs and Overhaul / Service activities support

Employ AR in empowering service and overhaul operations
Service optimization

Service optimization / Repairs and Overhaul / Service activities support

Foster your technicians working on-site and in the field with practical AR support.
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Service optimization / Repairs and Overhaul / Service activities support

Major significance

Service and overhaul services are vital to operational continuity in all industry branches. With the growing pace of top-notch technology implementation, the importance of expertise in repair and overhaul increases.

The first line

Service technicians and engineers are the backbones of countless manufacturing plants, acting as first responders and preventing downtimes.

At one with technology

The better training the service and overhaul workforce receives, the better is the condition of operated machinery and equipment, to the benefit of the company.
Service optimization

Service, repair, and overhaul challenges

With the increasingly advancing technology, industrial needs for service and overhaul activities grow. The sector of repair and service operations comes up against specific concerns and barriers.

Convenience and safety

Service and repair personnel works under pressure in various conditions. Carrying paper manuals and the need to flip through instructions wastes precious time during operations.


Technicians and engineers must remain up-to-date with the latest guidelines and requirements regarding the serviced equipment and machinery.

Knowledge outflow

Due to the generational change, many experienced workers leave together with their know-how. In effect, new hires have to be trained, which is usually costly and time-consuming.


Service technicians oftentimes work at distant locations, yet they still have to cooperate in real-time with other experts seated elsewhere.

What troubles your company?

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The solution

Handling service and overhaul challenges made easier by the tailored AR platform:
digital workflowsDigital workflows icon
Digital Workflows
Interactive, immersive training with comprehensible instructions.
remote supportRemote support icon
Remote support
Establish a connection between on-site personnel and experts from around the world.
An array of useful features for service and overhaul staff
Service checklists
Service checklists
Nsflow fosters creation of digital instructions and guides technicians through every step of the procedure. The files are standardized and available 24/7, improving the accuracy of service activities.
Workflow creator
Integration with SCADA and IIOT systems
Integrating internally-used systems is crucial for maximum performance and accuracy when carrying out virtual inspections and performing service activities.
Industrial onboarding
Convenient reporting
The platform can automatically generate reports on every action taken, creating an archive for future personnel working on similar cases. It also provides an analysis of equipment performance.
Variety of formats
Various media formats
The instructions and tutorials include images, videos, text, and 3D models, providing technicians with direct access to required content during repairs and overhauls.

Benefits of AR for service and overhaul specialists

Knowledge retention and sharing

The Nsflow platform enables to aggregate expert know-how for further use. Training new hires is made easier, expertise remains within structures, and the risk of losing the tribal knowledge is mitigated.


With the use of AR, technicians can efficiently work hands-free and focus on the serviced equipment. Wearable devices allow full voice and gesture operations with no need of carrying around paper instructions.

Fewer errors

Using AR contributes to fewer downtimes and malfunctions. Real-time contact with remote experts and easy-to-follow instructions reduce the number of human errors.

Operational efficiency

AR drives savings thanks to a reduced necessity of halting machine operations, expert and trainers' decreased workload, better knowledge management, and lower travel costs.
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