Construction industry

Augmented Reality in Construction Industry

Take advantage of AR in daily operations to respond to the most significant challenges of the construction industry

The construction industry

Construction companies deliver buildings and infrastructure we use every day. The introduction of the newest technology helps them maintain the highest standards and work safety.


Staffing shortages

Construction relies largely on manpower. Employee turnover is higher than in other industries and the number of workers is limited. Replacing lost talent is increasingly costly.

Serious risks

Construction belongs to the most dangerous industries. It involves not only occupational fatalities and safety risks but also human error that can be particularly project-threatening.

Changing regulations

From the design to technologies and building materials used, construction has to comply with local and national regulations. Keeping up with what’s changing can be a challenge.

Productivity level

In times of Industry 4.0 and staff shortages, improving productivity at the construction site is necessary to meet tight deadlines. Digital tools can support your workers in performing their tasks.
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Construction solutions

The solution - Augmented Reality in Construction Industry

The answer to the construction industry challenges is a platform supported by augmented reality, with its two main modules:
digital workflowsDigital workflows icon
Digital Workflows
Create interactive training, instructions, and service procedures.
remote supportRemote support icon
Remote support
Connect your technicians working in the field and experts located far away.
Other key features that will boost your daily operations and help you reduce risk
Workflow creator
Workflow creator
Thanks to a built-in tool, you can create step-by-step work instructions for your employees easily, with no coding skills needed. Following them minimizes the human error risk.
easy access
Voice/gesture operated
With AR glasses, your workers can use all Nsflow functions hands-free, with their hard hats and safety gloves on. There is no need to halt work, which is crucial at the construction site.
Service checklists
Task verification
Customized Nsflow can verify whether the tasks are performed correctly and warn your employees about any risky behavior. It improves the safety of processes taking place at the construction site.
Industrial onboarding
In-depth reporting
The system gathers and analyzes data on training and procedures performed. In the admin panel, you can track the progress and interpret the results to optimize internal processes.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in Construction Industry


Augmented reality in the construction industry allows you to cut costs of human errors, overcome limited access to experts, and automate new employee training.

Improved safety

AR supports construction workers in their daily endeavors. Guides them through their tasks, prevents on-site accidents, and grants hands-free access to any technical documentation.

Standardized knowledge

Your employees have access to the same documentation and training, which ensures uniform knowledge and skills. Whenever regulations change, you can assign them a new course.

Reduced risk

System-led hands-on training, digital workflows, immediate expert support, and task verification translate into a safer work environment and fewer accidents at the construction site.
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Nsflow solutions can be adopted in a variety of industrial scenarios to improve your business processes
Industrial onboarding
Industrial onboarding
Get your employees ready to work with step-by-step AR training, with minimal instructor engagement.
Remote operations, maintenance and inspection
Remote FAT
Check equipment and machinery functionality and quality before they leave the production line – remotely.
Remote support visualisation
Remote Support
Eliminate the distance barrier between your technicians working in the field and experts.
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