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What you will get

A complete AR solution with two ready-made modules that will support your daily operations and industrial process digitalization
Take advantage of its features:
  • Unlimited Remote Support sessions
  • Intuitive Digital Workflow creator
  • A pair of industrial-grade AR glasses to try out
  • Interactive checklists for service and repair
  • Hands-free training and work instructions
  • Documentation in digital form – a paperless factory
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Main solutions

Use separately or combine together and see how Nsflow can help your company grow.
digital workflows
Digital Workflows
A digital workflows module allows you to create interactive training, instructions, service procedures, and checklists. Your employees can play them on their AR glasses whenever they are.
remote support
Remote support
Your technicians can collaborate with experts that might be located far away. Thanks to AR glasses, they can provide detailed instructions in real-time – to solve any technical issues swiftly.

What results you can expect

Our AR platform assists your employees daily, offering them step-by-step instructions and verifying whether the tasks were completed correctly.
With Nsflow you will
  • Solve problems faster
  • Save your experts’ time
  • Minimize downtimes
  • Reduce costs
  • Minimize human error risk
  • Improve quality

Selected Case Studies

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