Nsflow Box

Nsflow industrial platform in a plug & play version. An alternative to cloud solutions or a long and risky on-premises deployment
Nsflow Industrial PC

How it works

Plug and play
Plug & play
Nsflow Box is a ready-made, boxed version of the Nsflow platform. It has been created particularly for the companies that don’t want to or can’t use the cloud due to internal policies – and machinery producers.
Industrial grade
It is available in the form of an industrial-grade computer that can be installed in a server room, mounted on a popular DIN (TH 35) rail, or inserted into a machine as its additional module. The solution is easy to use, making your company independent from external cloud providers.
Nsflow Box can operate independently without internet access, be connected to the internal company network, or have independent internet access via a built-in LTE modem. It creates its own Wi-Fi to which you can connect end devices, such as AR glasses, tablets, or smartphones.
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Benefits of a boxed version


With Nsflow Box you become completely independent from cloud providers, external infrastructure, or even internal IT infrastructure. It can work without internet access.

Ready in 30 mins

A pre-configured IPC is the quickest version of the Nsflow platform to install. Mount it in the target place and plug it in. It takes about 30 minutes to get it up and running.

Security & control

The industrial PC can either work independently from your network infrastructure or become an integral part of the machinery you’re producing. You take full control over security configuration.

Easy to use

Nsflow Box is a preconfigured solution, extremely easy to implement on your own. The only thing you have to do to start taking advantage of the platform – is to plug the device in.

Fully functional server

Nsflow comes installed on an industrial PC (IPC) which can be used freely for other purposes. You may install custom applications and extensions for example for visual inspection, machinery data gathering, or OEE calculation.


Our IPC meets all industrial standards concerning operating temperature (-25°C ~ 70°C), humidity (10% ~ 90%), and vibration. Certificate held: CE/FCC Class A, according to EN 55032 & EN 55024.
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Use cases

The two ready-to-use modules to support your employees in their daily endeavors.
digital workflowsDigital workflows icon
Hands-on training
Show your new employees how to use your machinery step by step, without the need to organize costly instructor-led training. It is a direct answer to high employee churn.
remote supportRemote support icon
Remote support
Whenever an issue with a machine occurs, your operators can connect with maintenance personnel and solve the problem swiftly, without their in-person presence.
Other essential features that will help your business to thrive:
Immediate help
Immediate help
Instead of calling for maintenance engineers, operators can solve typical failures with digital instructions played on AR devices or tablets. It helps to minimize downtimes and use your resources wisely.
machinery component
Machinery component
Industrial integrators can sell machinery with Nsflow as a built-in module, increasing their product competitiveness. Sharing instructions and procedures in a digital form fits in with the paperless factory concept.
Service checklists
Centralized knowledge
Store information on the machinery – technical documentation, maintenance procedures, repairs, OEE – in one place to analyze its condition and prevent downtimes.
machine integration
Machine integration
You can integrate Nsflow Box with PLC controllers, SCADA or MES systems. This way it can visualize parameters, react to failures, or collect data for predictive maintenance.
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Technical specification

Core gen 9/8, 6x GbE, 1xPCIe, MezIO
Core i7-9700TE 1.8/3.8 GHz, VGA, 35W
SSD 2.5" 1TB, BiCS3, 4-channel, -40~+85
802.11 a/b/g/n, AR9382, 2T2R, miniPCIe
DIN-Rail mounting assembly for Nuvo-1000/3000/5000/7000 series
1x M.2 2242 B key socket with dual front-accessible SIM sockets, supporting dual SIM mode with selected M.2 LTE module
CE/FCC Class A, according to EN 55032 & EN 55024

Common questions

Where can I buy Nsflow Box?
Is Nsflow Box better/worse than the regular version of the platform?
I want to purchase Nsflow Box. How will I know how to use it?
Do you offer a guarantee?

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*AR devices included, no risk and cost involved
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