Empowering industrial integrators with AR

Empowering industrial integrators with AR

Augmented reality brings a new quality to services offered by integrators to deliver future-proof systems to industrial companies

The industrial integrators field

Industrial integrators combine various hardware and software systems to create comprehensive IT solutions to support companies in achieving their goals.


Factory acceptance tests (FAT)

Acceptance by the client is the crowning of the machinery production process. Even in conditions precluding in-person presence, the FAT are necessary to assure the new system meets requirements and specifications.

Data storage and security

Operating state-of-the-art systems is associated with extensive datasets processing. It requires the highest security standards to protect data confidentiality and to comply with internal policies.

Integration matters

Industrial integrators work with different hardware and software systems, fitting them into factory layouts. Integration professionals need tools for streamlining operations in production conditions, bridging various technologies.

Knowledge management

Acquiring and retaining expert knowledge in the fast-paced industrial environment calls for tools tailored to meet the needs of integrators. Technology is constantly evolving and experts in the field seek solutions allowing rapid response to incoming changes.
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Empowering industrial integrators with AR

The solution

Including AR in industrial system integration processes ensures efficiency and security
digital workflowsDigital workflows icon
Digital Workflows
Create interactive training, instructions, and service procedures.
remote supportRemote support icon
Remote Support
Connect your technicians working in the field and experts located far away.
The Nsflow platform offers a variety of features to streamline industrial integration operations
no instructor needed
Remote FAT
Executing remote factory acceptance tests with AR allows for meeting project deadlines and protecting machinery suppliers from adverse conditions preventing on-site conduct.
Industrial onboarding
Data management
Details regarding operated hardware and gathered data can be conveniently stored in the platform. Easy creation of reports, protocols, and checklists streamlines integration processes.
digital twins
Digital twins
Integration experts can use digital representations of assembled machinery to present and assess its operations. Digital twins aid various processes, such as maintenance and training.
safety and efficiency
Training management
Augmented reality supports efficient learning and provides 24/7 access to standardized digital content. The platform aggregates necessary resources facilitating transfer to paperless factory.

Benefits of Nsflow

Highest security standards

The Nsflow platform comes in various forms, and the Nsflow Box allows for on-site deployment without the need for external connectivity. It is a plug&play solution that brings together the benefits of AR with internal security policies.

24/7 access

The AR platform works round-the-clock, offering assistance to on-site and remote professionals working on system integration. Operations can be executed anywhere and anytime.

System management

Augmented reality allows viewing machinery on the factory floor using digital models, prior to physical installation. Digital layouts help dispel doubts about whether the setup will match the environment or whether operator space will be sufficiently ergonomic.

Knowledge retention

Once created, tutorials are available to users and can be used anytime. With easier access to expertise, the risk of errors and downtimes is minimized and doesn’t endanger operational continuity.
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AR changes the way industrial processes are carried out, improving capabilities and competencies
Industrial onboarding
Industrial onboarding
Reduction of instructor involvement shifting the training process from the traditional classroom model to a hands-on approach.
Remote operations, maintenance and inspection
Remote support
Establishing real-time, functional communication between experts and on-site workers.
Remote support visualisation
Remote FAT
Assessment of equipment and machinery regardless of external conditions to assure the highest quality.
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