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Digital Workflows
2,500 / yearly
per 1 user
unlimited number of devices
*No hidden fees
What's included on Digital Workflows
  • Easy content creation
    Intuitive, no-code Workflow Creator for simple creation of work
  • Data entry
    Collect data and photo documentation for protocols and reports
  • QR codes
    Use codes to mark machinery and components with available instructions to give workers quick access
  • Multimedia content support
    Annotated images, videos, audio recordings, PDF files, and 3D models for best performance
  • Conditional execution
    Tailor the workflows to match specific situations, guiding users along the right pather, linearly or nonlinearly
  • Assignments management
    Assign workflows to users’ devices according to their role and purpose
Remote support
1,700 / yearly
per 1 device
unlimited number of users
*No hidden fees
What's included on Remote support
  • Hardware agnostic
    Access to the application for remote experts via a web browser on any device, while on-site workers can use various devices (RealWear, HoloLens, Vuzix, mobile devices)
  • Real-time chat
    Live messaging between on-site and remote participants
  • Multiple participants
    A shared communication channel to collaborate on solving problems faster
  • Shared visuals
    Screen sharing and shared whiteboard to assess issues clearly
  • Hi-resolution photos
    Low-bandwidth support with high-quality photos allow experts to mark objects and indicate vital spots on images from the on-site technician’s camera without stopping the footage.
  • Spatial anchors
    Enabling users to locate content in their surroundings
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The platform is ready for an array of amendments upon request:
  • Product customization
    Creating a tailored solution for specific applications to adjust the platform to your processes and not the other way around
  • Additional functionalities
    Adding necessary features to fully match internal processes
  • Fully customized solutions
    Addressing individual needs
  • Integrations with external systems
    Leveraging manufacturing data
The platform is available in the white label format for you to brand it to suit your company.
Need additional premium or custom features in you package? Contact us.
Nsflow Industrial PC
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Nsflow Box

from €
The Nsflow Box – an industrial-grade PC containing the AR platform. A plug&play alternative combining benefits of on-premise and cloud deployment.
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