AR in logistics

Streamlining logistic processes with augmented reality

Take advantage of AR in daily operations to address the most common challenges in the transportation sector

The logistics industry

The logistics sector comprises storage and efficient transportation of goods. To meet customer expectations in a timely manner, the industry takes advantage of the newest technologies.


Workplace safety

Warehousing and transportation have their risks. Addressing them requires thoughtful prevention of accidents, errors, and injuries. Compliance with industry standards is a necessity to minimize hazards.

Route and storage management

The flow of wares doesn’t slow down, and freighters operate on finite resources. The industry that serves as a global trade bloodstream is in constant need of innovative solutions for better organization.


Freight costs rise, affecting companies and consumers. Maintaining affordable rates and business scalability requires the elimination of unnecessary costs in the course of operations.

Employee shortage

Coping with the skills gap and employee turnover is necessary to avoid operations disruption. As experienced staff retires, the next generations need to fill in vacant positions fast and well-trained.
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Augmented reality in logistics

The solution - augmented reality in logistics

Tackling logistics challenges made easier with the robust digital platform and its two built-in modules
digital workflowsDigital workflows icon
Digital Workflows
Create interactive training, instructions, and service procedures.
remote supportRemote support icon
Remote support
Connect your technicians working in the field and experts located far away.
The Nsflow platform carries an array of helpful features for performing efficient logistics processes
safety and efficiency
Training automation
AR allows for accurate training with minimal involvement of instructors. Consistent materials guide employees through assigned paths while the system verifies the correct execution of tasks.
More than calls
Hands-free operation
Employees equipped with AR glasses can perform all duties in a safe and efficient manner. Using the content displayed in front of users’ eyes is possible through voice and gesture commands.
Service checklists
Service checklists
Manuals, documentation, and reports turned digital and reusable. Customized checklists streamline audits and on-the-job training without inconvenient paperwork.
Industrial onboarding
Easy reporting
The platform aggregates data from executed processes and procedures, e.g. employee training. The user-friendly admin panel gives access to progress tracking and automatic report creation.

Nsflow - Benefits of augmented reality in logistics

Business scalability

Whether it’s up- or downscaling, the Nsflow platform helps to secure logistic companies against unexpected occurrences. The AR-powered solution allows tackling changes in executed processes.

Cost efficiency

AR broadens the perspective, suggesting better methods of executing daily processes – warehouse management, onboarding, transportation routes made economical.

Error reduction

Employing AR & AI solutions in logistic processes leads to decreasing error rates, helping to comply with regulations, health and safety norms, and industry standards.

Efficient training

The platform allows for time-efficient, standardized on-site training, and onboarding. AR reduces the workload of trainers and provides easy insight into employee progress.
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See more use cases

See how the potential of AR serves various industries. Nsflow proves to transform demanding processes:
Industrial onboarding
Industrial onboarding
Step-by-step digital training facilitates building essential knowledge and skills among employees
Remote operations, maintenance and inspection
Remote FAT
Verification of machinery compliance and functioning performed remotely
Nsflow Box MIN 1
Nsflow Box
On-premise AR solution allowing employee training and support, protecting confidential industrial data
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