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A comprehensive AR solution with two powerful modules that will support your daily operations.
digital workflowsDigital workflows icon
Digital Workflows
A digital workflows module allows you to create interactive training, instructions, service procedures, and checklists. Your employees can play them on their AR glasses whenever they are.
remote supportRemote support icon
Remote support
Your technicians can collaborate with experts that might be located far away. Thanks to AR glasses, they can provide detailed instructions in real-time – to solve any technical issues swiftly.
The features to fully address your business needs

Digital workflows creator


The Workflow Creator allows easy creation of tutorials for your staff. The feature is intuitive and simple to use, enabling you to create instructions on your own, without hiring external experts to design the process.


The cost-efficient and user-friendly solution is accessible via every modern browser and executes the “drag & drop” approach, reminding of using building blocks. There is no need for paper manuals anymore.
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Digital workflows creator
Hands free training and work instructions

Hands-free training and work instructions


With AR wearable devices, on-the-job training and service can be performed most conveniently. The instructions are displayed step by step in front of your employees eyes.


Users navigate through the platform using voice commands and gestures. Industrial-grade AR glasses don’t interfere with the protective measures, e.g. safety glasses, gloves, or hard hats.

A variety of media formats


Share knowledge in multiple formats – texts, images, videos, audio, 3D models, and PDF documents. It enables you to present work instructions in the clearest way and use all resources you own.


Most of the materials you can prepare on your own, using a smartphone to take pictures and record instructional videos, and digital workflow creator to create step-by-step guides.
3D models and holograms

3D models and holograms


AR devices can display interactive 3D models. Some can also present realistic 1:1 holograms, mimicking how the real-life machine appears and behaves physically to the operator.


Instead of learning outside the workspace, your staff can access relevant materials right where the expertise needs to be applied, in a dynamic, approachable way.
Nsflow admin dashboard

An advanced admin panel

Administrators can manage resources and draw data-based conclusions – in an easy and accessible way.
  • create workflows and add users
  • assign permissions and roles
  • assign training and service procedures
  • monitor task execution
  • manage the devices used

Detailed reporting

Events from executed work are visible live on the admin panel’s dashboard. Via the panel, administrators can track the progress of task and training completion, and, if the platform has been
synchronized with other internal systems, use it for predictive maintenance. Consequently, they can draw data-based conclusions and optimize internal processes.
Nsflow detailed reporting
QR codes

QR codes


QR codes can carry pieces of relevant information assigned to particular machines, launch tutorials, or call remote experts. There’s no need anymore for paper manuals.


Additionally, QR codes substitute logins and passwords, enabling faster access to the platform.

Service checklists

Interactive checklists for service or quality control procedures are a great support in everyday work. They instruct your employees step by step.

The system can verify if the tasks were performed correctly, run appropriate instructions, give feedback, and collect valuable statistics.

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Nsflow service checklists


Nsflow features are available on various devices and workflows once created do not require adjusting to other equipment.

Apart from AR glasses, Nsflow supports staff using smartphones and tablets. Once new AR appliances enter the market, Nsflow will be ready for operation in no time.


We’re open to adjusting our platform to clients’ needs. Nsflow can be delivered either in the Software-as-a-Service model, through a dedicated cloud, or on-premises on a local server.

The platform is interoperable among various systems, compliant with specific standards, and ready to use in any environment.

compatible Devices
Device_09_RealWear_Navigator_520RealWear Navigator 520
Navigator 500RealWear Navigator 500
RealWear HMT 1 and HMT 1Z1RealWear HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1
HoloLens bez tlaMicrosoft HoloLens 2
Device VuzixVuzix M400
Device_08_Vuzix_M4000Vuzix M4000
Device_06aAndroid and iOS devices
The ability to work in hazardous environments

The ability to work in hazardous environments

Nsflow can be used with the most advanced industrial-grade AR glasses*, compatible with safety equipment, not restricting movement while e.g. working at heights.

AR wearables withstand harsh conditions from high humidity to potentially explosive areas, supporting work execution in the most demanding environments, including mines and oil rigs.

RealWear HMT-1Z1 is certified globally ATEX & IECEx Zone 1 and CSA C1-D1

Integration with SCADA, MES, ERP, CRM, and PLM systems

For maximum performance and accuracy, we recommend integration with other internal systems. Then, Nsflow becomes a part of the company’s ecosystem, enabling conducting remote machinery inspection and maintenance, streamlining task automation, and data exchange.
Integration icon
Spacial mapping icon
Spatial mapping
With AR and AI, you scan your working environment, analyze present conditions, locate and navigate employees - and react to occurring events.
Secure communication icon
Secure communication
Using HTTPS protocols and the option to connect via VPN contribute to protecting professional secrecy and the safety of industrial processes.
Service and maintenance icon
Service and maintenance module
Register machines and their parts that are subject to service, depending on cycles completed or mileage. The system will remind your employees about the task.

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