AR Remote Support module

Eliminate the distance barrier between your technicians working in the field and experts located far away.
Nsflow remote support

Simple. Intuitive. Ready-to-use.

Remote assistant
The most natural, “be there” experience.


During a real-time call, your expert has constant access to the preview of the image from the camera in the technician’s AR glasses. They can provide the necessary guidance – both verbally and visually.

Audio, video and chat

The platform provides a number of mechanisms that eliminate the distance barrier, such as audio and video connection, adding annotations to the images, taking pictures, sending files, sharing screen, and chatting.

An easy setup

You can start right away. You don't need to have any technical knowledge or employ developers. The only thing you need is to send your expert a link to a consultation meeting.
Check out Remote Support video
Remote support real time call

AR supported. Hands-free. Safe.

Watch the Remote Support video

Augmented reality

Augmented reality expands our view with additional content, but doesn’t cut us off from the real world completely. Your employees can still perform their tasks and work freely with real machinery, just being supported by technology.

AR wearables

Equipped with AR glasses, your technicians can work hands-free, receiving instructions in front of their eyes. They navigate through the menu and files using voice commands and gestures.

Hazardous environments

Industrial AR glasses can be used in the most demanding environments, e.g. mines and oil rigs. They don’t interfere with the protective measures used – safety glasses, gloves, or hard hats.
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AR devices included, no risk and no cost involved.

What you can gain with Remote Support

It is an answer to challenges faced by manufacturing as a result of not only the pandemic, but also digitization.

Mitigate risk

Experts can avoid traveling and meeting with a lot of people in one place. Having real-time access to what on-site workers see, remote experts can instruct them step by step and thus minimize the risk of human error.

Save time

AR Remote assistance saves a lot of time for your experts. They can travel less and serve multiple locations a day. Your employees don’t have to wait for them, spending a lot of hours unproductively.

Reduce the costs

Cut the travel costs – spent on transportation, accommodation, and daily allowances. Solving the problem quickly means less downtime and production stop costs.

Employee satisfaction

Remote assistance helps you to get rid of frustration. Your technicians or assembly line workers can get the support they need and don’t have to wait for it for days. They can ask for help even with minor issues now, knowing that they’re not so costly anymore.

Get a free 14-day trial*

*AR devices included, no risk and cost involved
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