Nsflow supports enterprises from various fields with immersive experiences and convenient, real-time support.
Logistics industry background
Streamlining logistic processes with augmented reality
Take advantage of AR in daily operations to address the most common challenges in the transportation sector
logistics icon
Manufacturing industry background
Improving processes in the manufacturing industry
AR reshapes modern manufacturing, helping to manage industrial processes and transform operations in times of Industry 4.0
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Automotive industry background
Overcoming challenges in the automotive industry with AR
Streamline your operations with an all-in-one AR platform that answers common challenges of the automotive industry
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Oil and gas industry
Oil and Gas
Augmented Reality in the Oil and Gas Industry
AR digitalizes processes in the oil & gas industry, one of the major powers of the energy sector
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Energy industry background
Digitalize industrial processes in the energy sector
Augmented reality and remote operations respond to the most common challenges the energy industry faces
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The platform created with these industries in mind

Manufacturing industry background
manufacturing iconManufacturing
Automotive industry background
automotive iconAutomotive
Machinery industry background
machinery iconMachinery
Chemical industry background
chemical iconChemical
Oil and gas industry background
oil and gas iconOil and gas
Construction industry background
construction iconConstruction
Energy industry background
energy iconEnergy
Logistics industry background
logistics iconLogistics
Industrial machinery atf
industrial iconIndustrial Machinery & Equipment Supplier
Medical industry background
medical iconMedical
Aerospace atf
Aerospace iconAerospace
Food atf
Food iconFood
Maritime Transport
Maritime TransportMaritime Transport

Selected Case Studies

Remote FAT & auditsTKM projekt logo
TKM Projekt
Remote FAT & audits
Inability to perform acceptance testing of a machine built for one of the key customers due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. The need for in-person verification of machine operation threatened to disrupt the investment schedule.
Adopting the Nsflow platform to perform acceptance testing of machinery without visiting the supplier’s site. Usage of the remote support module ensured continuity of the project schedule, safeguarding its timely execution despite the adverse conditions.
ATF azoty pigulkaLogo azoty
Grupa Azoty
Industrial-grade training management platform
The company needed changes in the skill-building process to deliver training to thousands of employees. Knowledge transfer required a transition from paper-based learning to a standardized, remote system ensuring coherent skills development.
Implementation of the e-learning platform allowed for efficient knowledge transfer within the organization. Consistent training, access to structured expert know-how, and a dedicated environment contribute to training efficiency and company-wide standardization growth.
Home office team supportTKM projekt logo
TKM Projekt
Home office team support
The company wasn’t used to remote work, which caused difficulties during the pandemic. To maintain operations, the enterprise needed to divide teams into on-site and home office, at the same time introducing facilitations.
Out-of-the-office team cooperation improved thanks to using the Nsflow cloud solution, backed with programming expertise. Implementation of remote work solutions enabled business as usual in new, adverse conditions, maintaining the market position.
Forklift operators training & verification
Automotive industry leader
Forklift operators training & verification
Lengthy training processes caused fatigue in instructors. The client needed to reduce trainers’ involvement, shorten the learning process, ensure complete and objective assessment of the trainees’ progress with immediate feedback.
Creation of a training automation system with Nsflow, unburdening trainers from full-time engagement. The platform gathers statistics on employee performance and analyzes results, providing automated and objective verification and assessment of workers.
Machine visualization at the target workstation
Automotive industry leader
Machine visualization at the target workstation
Lack of efficient visualization tools at the target workstation, taking into account spatial aspects. Difficulties in presenting assumptions and qualities including work ergonomics based on 3D models displayed on-screen.
Adopting the Nsflow platform to present interactive 3D holograms of the machine in full scale through AR glasses in the target environment. The presentation allowed the client to verify the machine's working range, shortening the acceptance process.
Documentation transfer
Pharmaceutical industry leader
Documentation transfer
The company's process flow was affected by numerous service tickets, downtimes on long production lines with many service stations. The enterprise experienced high employee turnover and problems with extensive paper documentation.
Implementation of the Nsflow platform enabled preparing a series of tutorials for the most common machinery issues, cutting service costs, and reducing downtimes without calling maintenance personnel, relieving engineers at the manufacturing plant.
Ace academy AR trainingAce academy UK logo
Ace Academy
Augmented Reality croupier training
Ace Academy is the UK’s No. 1 casino courses provider. However, due to the pandemic, the company had to reformulate its business model towards remote training.
A demo of an augmented reality croupier training using chips and wheel holograms. It displays information on the game, the rules, visualizes the situation and bets, and simulates the wheel.

Industrial services

It is an answer to challenges faced by manufacturing as a result of not only the pandemic, but also digitization.
Machinery repair and maintenance
Repair and maintenance processes in the industrial field benefit greatly from augmented reality
Empowering industrial integrators with AR
Equipment and machinery suppliers
Audit and assurance services
Industrial training companies
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