Augmented reality in maritime transport

Augmented Reality in Maritime Transport

Explore real-world applications where advanced AR technology has revolutionized sea shipping operations

Maritime Role in Global Trade

Maritime transport is crucial for global trade, providing an efficient, cost-effective way to transport goods worldwide. They standardize and streamline cargo movement, enhancing the reliability and security of international supply chains. Thus, they are vital to the functioning of global industries and play a key role in sustaining economic growth and market integration.


Technological Urgencies

UNCTAD highlights the urgent need to accelerate digital transformationusing cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, AR and smart maritime logistics. All that enhances safety, particularly for dockside workers, cargo handlers, and ship crews.

Staff Efficiency and Skills

Implementing digital operations and technology-enhanced AR training can significantly boost efficiency and skill levels among the staff. It provides optimized workflows, reduced operational errors, and a more proficient workforce.

Electronic Trade Documents And Regulatory Reform

Offshore shipping must adopt electronic trade documents, such as electronic waybills, to increase efficiency and reduce costs. A legal framework is also needed to recognize and manage growing cyber threats.

Port Productivity Reform

There is a need to increase port efficiency through digitalization, trade facilitation, and sustainable infrastructure. The industry requires stakeholder collaboration for resilience and using big data for informed decision-making and transparency.
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Maritime crew training

Augmented Reality Solutions for Maritime Transport

Streamline sea shipping operations with AR-driven process optimizations.
digital workflowsDigital workflows icon
Digital Workflows
Create interactive training, instructions, and service procedures.
remote supportRemote support icon
Remote support
Connect your technicians working in the field and experts located far away.
The key features that will boost effectiveness and help you reduce risk
easy access
Advanced Training
Augmented Reality (AR) transforms maritime training with interactive, self-directed modules. The system independently verifies task completion, ensuring comprehensive skill development.
AR Ships
AR Ships & Cargo Inspections
Augmented reality enhances ship inspections and servicing by overlaying digital information for real-time guidance, enabling quicker, more accurate repairs remotely.
Harbor AR
Harbor Loading/Unloading
AR improves the operation of port cranes by visually guiding cargo placement, alignment, and unloading for improved accuracy and efficiency.
More than calls
Hands-Free Operations
Maritime personnel equipped with AR glasses enhance safety and efficiency. They manage tasks effortlessly using voice and gesture controls, maintaining operational focus.
Step by step instructions icon
Effective Reporting System
The AR platform streamlines data management in maritime operations. Its user-friendly interface facilitates easy progress tracking and quick generation of detailed reports.
Heavy duty potential
Industrial-Grade AR Integration
AR technology is fully compatible with heavy-duty devices and protective gear. Its voice and gesture-based operation ensures robustness and user safety.

Nsflow – Benefits of augmented reality in maritime transport

Reduced Time & Involvement

Compared to traditional techniques, AR training saves operator onboarding time by 40-60%, reduces the involvement of a human teacher by up to 40%, and enhances overall training quality.

Interoperability and Accessibility

The platform can operate offline and supports various systems and standards, enabling staff to access files (text, videos, PDFs) directly on the job, without downloading or printing, enhancing on-site efficiency.

Secure and Hands-Free Operation

NsFlow ensures professional secrecy and safety with HTTPS and VPN options. Workers can use AR glasses hands-free, compatible with safety gear, allowing uninterrupted work even in challenging conditions.

Durable and Industrial-Grade Compatibility

The AR wearables are designed for the toughest environments, including high humidity and explosive areas, and are suitable for tasks on drilling platforms, container ships, and transshipment ports.
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Many Uses of Nsflow

Our platform boosts efficiency by 50% [1], safety, and data access, making it suitable for even the most challenging environments.
improving manufacturing productivity
Difficult working conditions
Enhance safety with advanced tools and strong communication in challenging work environments.
Nsflow Box MIN 1
Nsflow Box
An independent plug&play AR setup. Use it offline or with LTE, and connect devices via its Wi-Fi Access Point.
Remote support visualisation
Remote training
Train ship and port crews through remote sessions and use a variety of real-time media formats.
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