Remote training

In a world open to remote work more than ever before, new training opportunities are essential to ensure consistent skill development.
Remote training solutions

Remote training for dispersed teams and global companies

Deliver standardized knowledge with a dedicated AR platform.
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industrial AR remote training

Skill development

With thousands of vacancies and generations of employees soon to retire, ensuring consistent skill levels company-wide is crucial for enterprises to remain competitive.

Eliminating tribal knowledge

In the case of large structures, the number of instructors conveying same knowledge in a diverse way can become an issue. Dispersed organizations in particular, need to standardize learning content to guarantee consistency.

Real-life scenarios

On-the-job training needs to get beyond plain theory and regulations, as personnel has to learn how to prepare for real-world events. With AR, all possibilities are within arm’s reach.
Remote training with AR

Remote training challenges

A transition from the traditional classroom model to learning anytime and anywhere with the help of technology is still causing concern. In fact, there is nothing to fear when it comes to remote learning, but without a doubt, there are still a few challenges to overcome:

Different learning styles

In large structures, trainers tend to have their own teaching methods. Divergencies in training aren’t favorable to the skill development program in any company, and the process calls for a widespread standardization.

Obstructed communication and feedback

For some, lack of direct, on-site presence may be a real obstacle in communication. Digital connectivity can appear a less efficient means of contact to the users unfamiliar with technology, who simply find it difficult to convey feedback the digital way.

Time availability

The more staff there is to train, the greater is the challenge of coming up with a suitable time slot for all participants. Companies working various shifts or operating across time zones experience the issue twice as hard.


Again, lack of direct interaction or even ongoing supervision may impede motivation to complete tasks. Remote learning requires particular care to drive users towards goals, and gamification is one of the ways to do that.

What troubles your company?

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The solution

Remote training gains a new dimension thanks to the comprehensive AR platform:
digital workflowsDigital workflows icon
Digital Workflows
Interactive, immersive training with understandable instructions.
remote supportRemote support icon
Remote support
Establish a connection between on-site personnel and experts from around the world.
An array of helpful features for trainers and instructors
Industrial onboarding
Automatic reports
Trainers have access to automatically generated reports and protocols available in PDF format. Data obtained from carried-out courses can be processed, analyzed, and visualized, e.g., for feedback purposes.
easy access
24/7 access
No more challenges with organizing a training session to fit everyone’s schedules. Learning content is available at all times, and course participants can access whenever they choose to.
Variety of formats
Multimedia display
Learning content goes beyond dull documents and presentations. The Nsflow platform enables using a variety of formats including text files, PDFs, videos, images, and 3D models – all accessible immediately without the need to download.
More than calls
Device agnostic
Users don’t need the specialized equipment to use AR content. While dedicated devices provide the whole experience, smartphones and tablets lower the tech threshold, and improve accessibility.

AR benefits for remote training


AR learning tools allow for incorporating gamification mechanisms along the whole process. For example, participants can be awarded badges and achieve higher ranks, competing among each other.


The platform enables hassle-free communication between course takers and instructors, anytime necessary. As a result, trainers have ongoing insight into learners’ progress and can provide feedback in real time.

Content standardization

No more issues with outdated tutorials or tribal knowledge. The AR platform facilitates the unification of training materials, available to all participants simultaneously. In consequence, the whole staff can be on the same page without additional leveling.


AR tutorials are not only easy to maintain in compliance with current regulations but are also the simplest to adapt to the actual needs of the workforce. Using digital content, participants can train real-life scenarios applicable to their positions and prepare for handling possible events.
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