Medical with AR

Augmented Reality in the Medical Field

AR changes the way the medical field delivers life-saving solutions, addressing the essential needs with a disruptive precision

The medical industry

The medical field provides healthcare-related services, conducts drug research, and manufactures equipment. Technical novelties fuel the fast-growing sector helping patients worldwide.


Lack of skilled personnel

Continuous training is crucial to deliver the highest quality of services. Healthcare professionals’ skills need constant maintenance and regular updates to address health challenges in the ever-changing environment.

Reducing paperwork

Burdening staff with paperwork is a time-consuming and obsolete relic. The traditional approach to executing patient-related formalities results in wasting employee potential.

Operational costs

The medical field is often underfunded, with areas requiring greater attention. At the same time, some tasks are performed in outdated ways, generating unnecessary costs.

Quality of work/processes

Healthcare processes require maintaining the highest standards, as divergencies from set norms can cause health hazards. Occurring changes require continuous staff upskilling.
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Medical remote support

The solution - augmented reality in medical field

AR changes the way medical processes are carried out. For the better.
digital workflowsDigital workflows icon
Digital Workflows
Create interactive training, instructions, and service procedures.
remote supportRemote support icon
Remote support
Connect your technicians working in the field and experts located far away.
The AR platform brings together features facilitating medical processes
Workflow creator
Workflow creator
Preparation of step-by-step (or nonlinear) tutorials made easy and efficient. The module has a low tech threshold, requiring no coding skills or dedicated devices.
Variety of formats
Multimedia display
The platform allows staff to access desired files directly on the job without the need to download or print them. Personnel can view text materials, videos, PDF documents when needed.
Service checklists
Procedures checklists
Customized checklists guide users through the necessary steps of performed duties. Data obtained in the process can be used to conveniently create digital protocols and reports.
no instructor needed
Hands-free training & support
With AR glasses, staff can train efficiently – wearable devices display content before users’ eyes. Hands-free support allows first responders to consult cases directly from the ambulance.

Nsflow - Benefits of Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Knowledge management

AR facilitates acquiring new skills of medical workers – less classroom, paper-based methods, more user-friendly consistent tutorials supporting hands-on training.

Cost efficiency

AR allows for significant savings due to less time needed to train personnel, omit travel costs, and provide remote consultations with experts as user-friendly telemedicine.

Standardized processes

With the ever-changing procedures in the medical environment, AR helps to maintain a consistent, unified level of internal processes to ensure safety and efficiency.


Replacing paper documentation saves staff time and energy, allowing better allocation of resources. Digital data is easily accessible 24/7 from any place.
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See more use Cases

The Nsflow platform carries great potential for various industries. See how AR improves processes:
Industrial onboarding
Industrial onboarding
Step-by-step digital training facilitates building essential knowledge and skills among employees
Remote operations, maintenance and inspection
Remote FAT
Verification of machinery compliance and functioning performed remotely
Nsflow Box MIN 1
Nsflow Box
On-premise AR solution allowing employee training and support, protecting confidential industrial data
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