Supporting industrial machinery repair and maintenance technicians

Repair and maintenance processes in the industrial field benefit greatly from augmented reality

Industrial machinery repair and maintenance services

Machinery maintenance professionals ensure mechanical assets remain fully functional and operational. Keeping machinery in good condition, they are indispensable in the manufacturing industry.


Knowledge management

Technicians operate the newest and most advanced machinery. Thus, to provide industrial-grade services, they have to demonstrate expert knowledge. Training and access to know-how are vital to execute efficient repair and maintenance.

Safe data storage and management

Carrying out industrial processes is bound with operating large datasets covering the plant characteristics, machinery specification and requirements. To maintain data confidentiality, tools need to be fully secure.

On-site ergonomics

Machinery repair and maintenance engineers work with extensive documentation. Often they need immediate access to specification and instructions. Handling large volumes of paper manuals can be burdensome.

Efficient maintenance

Operating and servicing machinery requires maintaining the highest quality in daily work. Eliminating errors and downtimes calls for modern tools to maintain operativeness under all conditions.
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The solution

Incorporating AR into machinery repair and maintenance processes helps deliver the highest quality of industrial services
digital workflowsDigital workflows icon
Digital Workflows
Create interactive training, instructions, and service procedures.
remote supportRemote support icon
Remote Support
Connect your technicians working in the field and experts located far away.
Plenty of dedicated features to streamline industrial machinery repair and maintenance processes
digital twins
Digital twins
Using digital representations of on-site machinery allows for glimpsing inside machines, without the need for stopping their operation. Service technicians gain access to information on machinery performance without disassembling the build.
Remote FAT
Service checklists
The Nsflow platform allows for creating service procedures and checklists with a few clicks, in the web browser. No coding skills are required to define their steps and add multimedia content.
Industrial onboarding
Easy access to data
The platform aggregates data from processes taking place, allowing technicians to automatically generate reports and protocols. The AR tool enables convenient data management with records visible in the admins’ panel for future analysis.
More than calls
Architecture agnostic
The AR solution can be operated using various devices, giving operators the freedom to choose the most convenient ones. Depending on conditions and preferences, technicians can choose smartphones, tablets or AR glasses.

Benefits of Nsflow

Improved service efficiency

Using AR, technicians can assess machinery condition and function without halting its operation. Digital models streamline efficient repairs and help eliminate downtimes, addressing unplanned events.


Integration with SCADA, MES, or ERP systems enables optimal performance and accuracy of performed services. All types of content (text, video, audio, images, 3D models) are combined in one platform for quick access.


Augmented reality in industrial repair and maintenance allows for reducing costs of human errors, machinery downtimes, and employee training. Fewer interruptions secure process efficiency and decrease its costs.

Standardized knowledge

With direct access to unified documentation and training, technicians can deliver accurate services. No matter if regulations or guidelines change, up-to-date expertise is readily available.
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AR tackles the challenges of industrial companies, addressing issues with a modern approach
Industrial onboarding
Industrial onboarding
Reduction of instructor involvement shifting the training process from the traditional classroom model to a hands-on approach.
Advantage of augmented reality on smartphones tablets min
Remote support
Establishing real-time, functional communication between experts and on-site workers.
Remote support real time call
Remote FAT
Assessment of equipment and machinery regardless of external conditions to assure the highest quality.
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