Industrial machinery atf

Digitalizing the industrial machinery & equipment sector

Augmented reality transforms operations carried out by companies providing machinery and equipment in the industrial sector

The industrial machinery sector

Heavy equipment and machinery suppliers respond to emerging needs in various industries, delivering relevant devices to sustain manufacturing continuity.


Cost management

Remaining competitive is no small feat in the industry depending on many variables. Rising raw material costs, staff deficit, and production downtimes add up to significant expenses.

Service flow challenges

The industry operates in adverse conditions. Machinery suppliers aim to employ tools streamlining the acceptance, service, maintenance, and overhaul processes to preserve operational continuity.

Staff security

Operating heavy machinery is always burdened with risk. Companies need to focus on occupational safety processes to ensure an accident-free environment, which can be achieved by in-depth employee training.

Competencies management

The industry faces an ongoing generational change and employee churn. Retaining expert knowledge and passing it on to new hires calls for decisive, efficient measures and adequate tools.
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The solution

Adopting AR into daily operations answers challenges faced by industrial machinery & equipment suppliers
digital workflowsDigital workflows icon
Digital Workflows
Create interactive training, instructions, and service procedures.
remote supportRemote support icon
Remote support
Connect your technicians working in the field and experts located far away.
A wide selection of dedicated features that simplify processes of industrial companies and improve efficiency
Service checklists
Service checklists
Digitized instructions are available for staff 24/7, instructing employees on every step of a procedure. Standardized files simplify the execution and improve accuracy.
3D models
3D models and holograms
Life-like models of machinery facilitate the execution of maintenance and service processes, giving better insight into equipment functioning without disassembly.
Industrial onboarding
Easy access to data
Data obtained from executed processes can be used to automatically generate protocols and reports. Improved data management allows efficient progress tracking and optimizing results.
no instructor needed
Remote FAT
Acceptance procedures are an inherent part of the industry. Performing FAT remotely immunizes suppliers from external adverse conditions, securing timely delivery.

Benefits of Nsflow

Improved safety

With the ongoing access to instructions and guidelines staff can reassure on performed actions anytime it’s necessary, reducing the risk of accidents and human errors.

Cost reduction

Shortening classroom learning in favor of hands-on training saves costs of instructors, training materials, and improves progress assessment.

Easy 24/7 access

Whether it’s drawing conclusions from data on previous process iterations or launching another service manual, the platform is available to staff on every shift.

Knowledge management

Chasing away the tribal knowledge issues, the platform allows to aggregate all internal expertise to be used by staff. Less paperwork, more insights on progress.
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See more use cases

See how the potential of AR serves various industries. Nsflow proves to transform demanding processes:
Industrial onboarding
Industrial onboarding
Reduction of instructor involvement shifting the training process from the traditional classroom model to a hands-on approach
Remote operations, maintenance and inspection
Remote FAT
Assessment of equipment and machinery regardless of external conditions to assure the highest quality
Nsflow Box MIN 1
Remote support
Establishing real-time, functional communication between experts and on-site workers
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