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Remote collaboration with experts, interactive work instructions, and hands-on training – that can be created with ease.
Save time and lower costs

Save time.
Reduce costs.

With Nsflow, you can significantly reduce the cost of onboarding, employee training, and business trips of your experts.

You can carry out remote inspection, audit, acceptance testing, support, machinery maintenance, and service, which saves a lot of time and may be crucial in unpredictable situations.

Improve knowledge management


Knowledge gaining is easier, faster, and more effective thanks to practical work instructions available at hand. With a unified platform encompassing all training, you can be sure that all your workers have gained the same knowledge and skills.


With AR instructions designed by your experts, your valuable know-how will stay within the company – even when your key employees leave the organization.
Nsflow workflow dashboard

Secure business continuity


With experts’ remote support, you can speed up troubleshooting and minimize machine downtime. Any problems or errors can be identified earlier, even before a breakdown takes place, thanks to carefully designed workflows.


You can keep an accurate record of all problems – and how they have been solved. Your employees can tackle similar issues faster the next time they occur since the knowledge about it stays within the company.
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Nsflow remote support
Workflow creator

Improve the quality of products and services


This module allows you to easily create sequences of operations that should be performed step by step during service, maintenance, or audit.

Going through such checklists, your employees can receive instructions from the system and enter information to document the process.

Digital workflows help your employees to follow the procedures and thus guarantee the best product quality.


Up-to-date and instantly accessible documentation and training materials help you provide the best level of customer support. It translates into improved end-customer satisfaction.

AR instructions

Minimize the risk of human error


With AR, your workers can take advantage of hands-on training, learn with real machines or their digital twins, as well as standing by the original assembly line following instructions appearing in front of their eyes.


Your employees can play AR manuals to find essential information or use a remote support function. After integrating it with your internal systems, Nsflow can inform you about any failures on the go and instruct your employees on how to fix them.

Use the devices you like

Nsflow is compatible with
Device_09_RealWear_Navigator_520RealWear Navigator 520
Navigator 500RealWear Navigator 500
RealWear HMT 1 and HMT 1Z1RealWear HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1
HoloLens bez tlaMicrosoft HoloLens 2
Device VuzixVuzix M400
Device_08_Vuzix_M4000Vuzix M4000
Device_06aAndroid and iOS devices
Nsflow has been designed to support new AR devices as soon as possible. We are constantly monitoring the AR device market.

Our approach

Apart from the undeniable benefits coming from the functionalities, what distinguishes Nsflow is:
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Excellent support
We offer world-class support and, if you need it, dedicated consultants that speak your mother tongue (English, German, and Polish).
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Partnership approach
We cherish partnership relationships with our clients. We offer an individual approach to your business and are open to serve your non-standard needs.
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Our regular support covers daily assistance during standard working hours in the European Union, but we can extend support hours on demand.

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