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Main applications

Use separately or combine together and see how Nsflow can help your company grow.
digital workflows
Digital Workflows
A workflow module allows you to create sequences of operations easily and with no coding needed. It provides unrestricted access to knowledge and simplifies its management.
remote support
Remote support
With remote support, your technicians can connect with experts that might be located far away. Thanks to AR glasses, they can provide detailed instructions in real-time – to solve any technical issues swiftly.
Productivity icon
Increase productivity
With a unified training platform, all your employees demonstrate the same knowledge and skills. It reduces the time needed to search for information and increases work efficiency.
Solve icon
Solve problems faster
Thanks to the remote collaboration with experts, any technical issues can be dealt with in the blink of an eye. Your staff will be directed what to do step by step using AR glasses.
Lower costs icon
Lower costs
By using AR training, remote collaboration with experts, and predictive maintenance you can significantly reduce the cost of employee training, business trips, and machine downtime.
Secure icon
Secure business continuity
Minimizing machine downtime, reducing the risk of human error, and retaining knowledge makes your business less vulnerable to any unexpected events.

Use cases

Nsflow Augmented Reality platform provides you with solutions that ensure your business continuity, help you improve your operations, and address any problems faster.