Industrial audit and assurance

Powering audit and assurance services for industrial companies

Audit and assurance professionals serve across a broad range of industries, assisted by augmented reality solutions.

Audit and assurance services for the industrial sector

Auditors and assurance experts monitor the company’s information, assessing and analyzing procedures, processes, and operations. Upholding organizational trust, audit and insurance services secure compliance, satisfactory business performance, and overall reliability.


Talent retention

Talents’ shortage is one of the most pressing challenges across industries, and the audit field is no exception. Previous generations retire, while their successors might need a different approach in training and onboarding.

Information transfer

In a dynamic business and industrial environment, access to information is essential. Without a stable connection to data, audit and assurance services can’t be executed efficiently.


Auditors and assurance experts work in a dynamic, ever-changing environment. Their daily duties call for impeccable skills, awareness of the newest technologies and requirements in their area of expertise.

Remote work

The pandemic altered the way audit and assurance professionals work. Adapting services to the ongoing changes, companies embrace new approaches to business interactions, while preserving efficiency. Remote way of working extends also to audits.
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The solution

Arming audit & assurance services professionals with AR helps preserve accuracy and expertise in overseeing the industrial field
digital workflowsDigital workflows icon
Digital Workflows
Create interactive training, instructions, and service procedures.
remote supportRemote support icon
Remote Support
Connect your technicians working in the field and experts located far away.
A wide range of features to increase reach and mitigate risks in audit and assurance services.
safety and efficiency
Data management
With various data options and reports generated automatically, the platform aggregates track of performed procedures. Records are visible in the admins’ panel for future reference and processing.
Variety of formats
Multimedia display
The Nsflow platform allows professionals to access files on-site via AR devices. isplaying documents, videos, images, PDF documents, and 3D models directly, the platform eliminates the necessity to flip through printouts or download files on a PC.
quality assurance
Low tech threshold
Mastering the platform takes no time and requires no coding skills, making it a tool accessible for users with basic technical knowledge. Administrators use their own content to prepare materials for users equipped with AR devices.
More than calls
Architecture agnostic
Nsflow works on various devices, including smartphones and tablets. Audit and assurance experts can choose the equipment suited to their needs, in order to establish efficient remote cooperation.

Benefits of Nsflow

Improved process efficiency

The platform eliminates the burdensome search for required information and the need for carrying paper manuals. Less time spent on acquiring details equals fewer interruptions to the workflow and better performance.

Knowledge management

Convenient access to standardized documentation, tutorials, and procedures allows for aggregating all internal expertise. Consistent onboarding of new hires, ongoing training, and recertification possible anytime the need arises.

Documentation management

Nsflow gathers data on executed processes and automatically generates reports and protocols. The platform saves ready-made files in line with previously saved templates, ensuring no piece of data gets lost.

24/7 access

The platform allows users to streamline processes regardless the time of day. From reducing trainers’ workload to fostering remote communication with experts seated at distant locations, Nsflow is always ready to oblige.
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Nsflow solves industrial challenges, benefitting the business and employees alike
Maintenance optimization
Maintenance optimization
The Nsflow platform powers maintenance processes, allowing on-site staff to perform safer and better in ever-changing industrial conditions.
Advantage of augmented reality on smartphones tablets min
Remote support
Establishing real-time, functional communication between experts and on-site workers.
Remote support real time call
Remote FAT
Assessment of equipment and machinery regardless of external conditions to assure the highest quality.
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