RealWear Navigator 500

RealWear Navigator 500 is here! What’s new? Will it break new ground?

The main improvements

Lighter, with a more powerful camera, and finer display. And our platform supports it as well!
Navigator 500
NEW! RealWear Navigator 500
The newest device from RealWear had its premiere on December 8, 2021. Let’s compare the two RealWears.
  • 48MP camera
  • 64GB internal storage
  • 4GB RAM
  • weighs 272g, width 22mm
  • battery capacity 2600mAh
  • battery life 5-8 hours
  • operating system Android 11
  • 15 languages (19 with dialects)
  • price $2300
RealWear HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1
RealWear HMT-1
It was used for 4 years (launched September 2017), still being one of the best industrial-grade devices available.
  • 16MP camera
  • 32GB internal storage
  • 3GB RAM
  • weighs 380g, width 33mm
  • battery capacity 3250mAh
  • battery life 8-10 hours
  • operating system Android 10
  • 15 languages
  • price $1800

New features of RealWear Navigator 500

Modular design
Modular design allows you to personalize your device to support even more work scenarios. You can detach components, e.g. camera or display, and replace them with different ones.
Fingerprint sensor
RealWear Navigator 500’s power button is now integrated with the fingerprint sensor. It allows users to log into the system in a matter of seconds and start working on the go.
Programmable buttons
There are new programmable buttons – action, left, and right – located on the Navigator 500 body. With dedicated buttons you can boost effectiveness, still being able to use voice commands.
Battery indicator
The battery gauge is now available directly on the RealWear body, which makes it easier to prepare for work. You don’t need to switch on the device and put it on to determine battery level.
Face detection
RealWear Navigator 500 can automatically identify faces in digital images for autofocus. Keeping humans in focus might be useful in for example remote collaboration with experts or training documentation.
6X video zoom
RealWear Navigator 500’s advanced camera offers an enhanced zoom while maintaining HD quality. 6X telephoto zoom, along with low-light performance, provides clear photos with a lot of details visible.
RealWear Navigator 500 visualisation

What hasn’t changed?

Hands free use

100% voice-controlled interface allows you to work without losing a minute on the job. View technical documents without the need to hold them physically.

Hot-swappable battery

You can change the battery without interrupting workflow – there is no need to power down the device. Batteries are rechargeable.

Left or right eye

The device is left or right eye compatible to adjust to particular working conditions and personal preferences.

Display size

There is a 0.32-inch, WVGA (854X480) display providing 20° field-of-view. It views like a 7" screen.

Ruggedized design

RealWear underwent a 2-meter drop test onto concrete, is dust tight and water-resistant. The operating temperature is -4°F to +122°F (-20°C to +50°C).

Microphones and loudspeaker

The device has 4 digital microphones and an internal 94 dBA loudspeaker. It provides precise voice recognition in noise up to 100 dBA.

What does it mean for you and your business?

We already know the main improvements introduced in RealWear Navigator 500. Will you be able to really experience them? Is it worth it to upgrade your device?

Lightweight performance

RealWear Navigator 500 is ⅓ lighter than RealWear HMT-1. These 108 grams less and ⅓ decrease in device width translate into improved full-shift comfort.

Clear display

Although the general parameters haven’t changed, such as display size, it is visibly clearer. It is also easier to adjust the boom arm to your sight, in six ways.

Simple to upgrade

Thanks to RealWear Navigator 500’s modular design you can upgrade it as tech evolves. The key components can be updated which extends your capital investment.

Precise camera

The 48-megapixel camera, instead of 16MP, can work way better in low-light settings. It allows for capturing the details such as barcodes, serial numbers, and asset tags.

Memory and storage

4GB of RAM (1GB more), a more efficient Snapdragon 662 processor, and 64GB storage (2x more) allow for more advanced calculations and applications.

Physical buttons

Both the power button with fingerprint sensor and programmable buttons help to work more efficiently and tailor the device to particular needs.

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