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Skyrocketing the aerospace industry using AR

Augmented reality boosts processes carried out by global players in the aerospace industry, tackling emerging challenges

The aerospace industry

As a strategic field of the global economy, the aerospace industry accounts for the research, development, and production of aircrafts, uncrewed aerial vehicles, and others, making hundreds of millions dollars annually.


Skills gap

The experienced staff retires and next generations of aerospace workers require continuous training to perform efficiently in the field where human lives depend on their fruit of work.

Data management

Carrying out operations in the strategic industry calls for the highest security standards and equipment with appropriate safety measures to manage data safely and efficiently.

Manufacturing digitalization

Keeping pace with the dynamic field demands implementing innovations. New solutions allow industry providers to remain competitive and relevant, and their offerings future-proof.

Quality assurance

Ensuring the highest standards is critical, as even slightest negligence can endanger hundreds of people, taking down companies disregarding standards of safe manufacturing.
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Aerospace duze

The solution - augmented reality in aerospace

Nsflow and its two built-in modules address the critical challenges in the aerospace industry
digital workflowsDigital workflows icon
Digital Workflows
Create interactive training, instructions, and service procedures.
remote supportRemote support icon
Remote support
Connect your technicians working in the field and experts located far away.
Advanced features targeted at answering operational challenges in the industry
Service checklists
Procedures checklists
Checklists created in the platform help users execute their tasks with attention to every detail. Data gathered in the process is stored in the system and used to create reports.
Heavy duty potential
Industrial grade
The Nsflow platform works perfectly with heavy-duty devices. AR wearable equipment is compatible with protective gear and can be operated with voice and gestures only.
Knowledge retention icon
Knowledge retention
Standardized, efficient, and automated training, including hands-on onboarding without direct instructor supervision prevents the know-how from outflow and allows verification of progress.
digital twins
Digital twins
3D models and holograms present virtual clones of objects to enable efficient predictive maintenance, allowing technicians to monitor machinery without halting their operation.

Nsflow - Benefits of augmented reality in aerospace

Cost efficiency

Performing tasks remotely allows cutting service and expert assistance costs. Platform users achieve further savings on onboarding, training, and production downtimes.


All operational data stored in a safe, accessible platform. No redundant paperwork and a 24/7 access to instructions, training, reports, performance analytics, and other resources.

Improved quality

Better trained staff, in-depth insights into progress and expertise level result in reduction of human error and machinery malfunctions, contributing to better safety and reliability.

Efficient processes

The platform helps to secure business against unpredictable events by e.g. remote access to experts and integration with SCADA, MES, ERP, and other data analysis systems.
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See more use cases

See how the potential of AR serves various industries. Nsflow proves to transform demanding processes:
Industrial onboarding
Industrial onboarding
Reduction of instructor engagement with step-by-step digital training to speed up integration of new hires
Remote operations, maintenance and inspection
Remote FAT
Assessment of equipment and machinery regardless of external conditions to assure the highest quality
Nsflow Box MIN 1
Nsflow Box
An industrial-grade solution for on-premise AR deployment, improving data security
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