Knowledge transfer standardization

Knowledge is power! Apply AR when developing a unified, up-to-date knowledge base across your enterprise
Knowledge transfer standardization

Standardized knowledge transfer in industrial companies

Aggregate knowledge using a specialized AR platform.
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Knowledge transfer standardization

Ensuring competence

Know-how is one of the most valuable assets of a company. Therefore, effective onboarding, retraining, and preventing knowledge outflow should be among the top strategic goals to remain competitive.

Reducing errors

Consistent, standardized knowledge across the company decreases the risk of errors. Organizations strive to train staff to be well-equipped with expertise, efficiently recognizing divergences and trouble spots.

Always relevant

The industry changes, and so do regulations, manuals, and procedures. Keeping up with updates can be exhausting and time-consuming, especially in extensive, global structures.
Knowledge transfer standardization

Knowledge transfer challenges

Sharing knowledge company-wide and maintaining standards is often associated with challenges. From ineffective processes, through obsolete methods and materials, to inadequate equipment, expertise can be lost in translation.

Tribal knowledge

Employees leave the organization, taking the know-how acquired over the years. However, when all the expertise proves to be elusive, carried only in staff member’s head, standardizing knowledge becomes nearly impossible.

The human factor

Each trainer or instructor has their own approach and methods, especially after years of conducting training. This may lead to knowledge inconsistencies between course participants of various groups. In such a case, complete knowledge is impossible to retrieve.

Unrepeatable paths

Even in a highly unified environment, unusual events take place. Preparing all employees company-wide to respond in the same way requires some more efficient tools than paper manuals and presentations.

Language barrier

Large enterprises conducting operations in various countries need to provide learning materials understandable by each member of the staff. Language versions are necessary to share accessible knowledge, no matter where branches are located.


The more dynamic the environment, the more important for the company is to stay up to date with ever-changing regulations and procedures. Keeping staff on the same page is crucial for maintaining operational flow.

What troubles your company?

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The solution

Knowledge transfer can be conveniently standardized using a tailored AR solution:
digital workflowsDigital workflows icon
Digital Workflows
Interactive, immersive training with comprehensible instructions.
remote supportRemote support icon
Remote support
Establish a connection between on-site personnel and experts from around the world.
A wide choice of features for trainers and instructors
Workflow creator
Easy content creation
The AR platform requires no coding skills, as setting up courses is as easy as playing with building blocks. Learning content creators are independent of programmers and prepare tutorials with a few clicks, including alternative language versions.
easy access
24/7 access
Once cleared to use the platform, employees can learn anytime they wish. No more missed training or trouble repeating the material should a need occur. Each team member eligible for specific training acknowledges the same material as their peers.
More than calls
Device agnostic
Trainees can use the platform via dedicated AR devices or easily available smartphones or tablets, depending on needs and requirements.
Industrial onboarding
Automatic reporting
The platform eliminates the need for manual reports by aggregating the results of courses and certifications. Insights from the admin panel help to decide on further training and assigning learning modules.

AR benefits for knowledge transfer standardization

Real-time management

Should any new regulations or procedures come into force, updating the existing content takes a moment. New, valid material is available for employees to access in a moment.

Increased accuracy

With the unobstructed availability of all the know-how of the company, employees master their skills continuously. Greater expertise translates into increased safety, productivity, and fewer downtimes and errors.

Company-wide standardization

The introduction of Nsflow allows for managing and organizing each training piece the enterprise ever created. As a result, every team, department, and branch has the same chance to learn, regardless of location and instructor’s approach.

Knowledge retention

No more classrooms or paper manuals are needed. With digital content, internal knowledge is easily unified to provide standardized training to all employees simultaneously, enabling efficient acquisition of the required skills.
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