Digital Workflows module

Retain and standardize knowledge in your company. Create interactive training, instructions, service procedures, and checklists with a few clicks.
Digital workflows creator section

Interactive AR trainings made with ease.

Digital workflows instructions

Retain knowledge

Create a knowledge base of tasks and how to do them step by step. Keep your know-how in one place for the next generations of employees.

A workflow creator

Create interactive training, instructions, service procedures, and checklists with a few clicks, within a web browser. Define its steps, add multimedia content, and interactions. No coding skills needed.

Multiple media formats

Attach text instructions, photos, videos, audio recordings, and static or animated models, also displayed in the form of realistic holograms.
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Digital workflows visualisation

AR supported. Hands-free. Safe.

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Use devices you like

Once created, tutorials can be run on various AR devices, so there is no need to create new tutorials or adapt existing ones after purchasing a new type of glasses.

Access management

Assign training and instructions to employees, depending on their roles in the company. New hires will receive onboarding and training content, the service department will get checklists and service procedures, and operators will receive instructions on how to remove typical failures.

No time constraints

With AR wearables, your employees run interactive training, service manuals, or checklists whenever they need it, also working in the field and with real machinery.
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AR devices included, no risk and no cost involved.

What you can gain with Digital Workflows

It is an answer to challenges faced by manufacturing as a result of not only the pandemic, but also digitization.

Effective training

Your employees learn by doing, standing next to the real machines and production lines. Being independent of trainers, they repeat the material as many times as they need.

Risk mitigation

Interactive instructions help your employees to do everything by the book and avoid costly mistakes. Any problems can be identified earlier and solved faster, minimizing machinery downtime.

Time and cost-saving

Reduce the onboarding, employee training, and service procedure costs connected with transportation, accommodation, and daily allowances. The quicker a problem is solved the fewer downtime costs.

Improved quality

With sequences of operations to perform during production or service, no step will be missed. Your workers have access to the same instructions, becoming independent of the knowledge of particular experts.

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*AR devices included, no risk and cost involved
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