AR remote support for a shop crew
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Remote support for a ship crew

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About the client
A company operating globally provides technical support for seagoing vessels, especially in integrated satellite communication services.
Ineffective remote technical intervention and task completion validation between experts on land and the crew at sea due to the lack of tools for remote co-working.
Enabling remote AR mentoring for maritime crews with an extremely low network bandwidth of 200 kbps and developing a scheme of remote support sessions using high-resolution photos.

About the project

Connectivity at Sea

Nsflow tackled remote support for ships with poor internet, facing low bandwidth and high latency issues.

Innovative Approach and Testing

We adapted AR glasses and server settings for maritime low-bandwidth, focusing on low latency with WebRTC protocol.

Low-Quality Video Alternative

We switched to high-resolution photos to solve the problem of low-quality videos due to a poor internet connection. This enabled detailed visual support.

Outcome and Impact

Our solution, tailored for satellite link communication, effectively enhances device operation and servicing on the high seas, including ships and drilling platforms.
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Enabling remote AR mentoring for maritime crews


Limited Bandwidth

A major challenge was the ship's limited bandwidth. Standard satellite connections offered about 200 kb/s, severely restricting data transfer for remote support.

High Latency Issues

The high latency of several hundred milliseconds in satellite connections greatly impeded real-time communication between ship technicians and land-based experts.

Unstable Signal

Frequent signal losses and communication interruptions at sea posed significant challenges in maintaining consistent and reliable remote support sessions.

Adaptation to Harsh Environments

The need for a solution robust against physical and technical stressors like vibrations, moisture, and extreme temperatures complicated the development of efficient remote support tools for the harsh maritime environment.

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The solution

Nsflow functionalities that enabled improved remote mentoring for ship crews regardless of low signal quality
Workflow creator
High-Res Photo Capture
Capture & send detailed photos in poor internet conditions, ensuring clarity for remote guidance.
Variety of formats
Adaptive Video & Customization
Automatically adjusts video quality to ensure the lowest possible latency; option to turn off video for a stable connection.
More than calls
Secure, Hands-Free Operation
Voice-gesture control for safe, hands-free use in challenging environments, ensuring secure communication.
Heavy duty potential
Hardware-Agnostic with Robust Chat
Flexible across devices with effective chat functionality, maintaining communication in low bandwidth.
  • 30%
    Increased loading speed with the help of augmented reality
  • 47%
    Greater detection and removal of faults thanks to AR
  • 90%
    Fewer errors during loading and unloading where AR is used
Augmented reality remote training for ship crews

The outcome


Even with weak internet, high-resolution photo sharing boosts diagnostic precision for maritime technical issues.


Robust AR communication ensures quick issue resolution at sea, reducing operational downtime significantly.

Advanced Remote Mentoring

High-resolution photo capture in poor internet conditions and adaptive video technology that optimizes quality for low latency.
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