RealWear Navigator® Z1 is not just another piece of technology; it’s an innovation tailored for frontline teams, especially those in hazardous environments like the oil & gas sector. Designed with AI capabilities, this device is about hands-free solutions, efficiency, and most importantly, safety.

Designed for the oil and gas sector, the enhanced security version of the RealWear Navigator 520 provides the benefits of hands-free usage, even in potentially explosive environments. Equipped with the latest AI chip, the RealWear Navigator Z1 is primed for both present and upcoming applications.

This next-gen tool is created for frontline professionals, addressing operational inefficiencies, reducing safety risks, and bridging the knowledge gap as seasoned experts retire. Its ability to facilitate real-time, hands-free communication and data sharing transforms the reality of experts working on-site in the most demanding environments.

The new Navigator Z1 means:

Productivity enhanced

With features such as a 20% larger HD display, 48MP camera, and faster connectivity including Wi-Fi 6/6E and 5G compatibility, the device is a powerhouse for frontline workers. It aims at reducing the huge costs associated with unplanned downtimes, fostering operational continuity and efficiency.

Safety first

The RealWear Navigator Z1 is designed to be lightweight, durable, and optimized for demanding environments. Its noise-cancellation feature ensures that voice operations are clear even in areas with ambient noise levels reaching 100dBA. With safety being a paramount concern, especially in high-risk areas, this device comes as a relief to many, ensuring hands-free operations while being connected to crucial data.

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From its AI core and neural network processor that continually adds new use cases to its optional Thermal Camera Module that detects abnormal heat signatures, the Navigator Z1 is ready for the challenges of tomorrow. Its modular design allows customization, providing an edge for specific industry needs.

The AI core processor enables running Deep Learning and Machine Learning models with hardware support. This enhancement allows for a number of operations previously not possible, including:

– analysis of the environment based on camera images,

– object detection and segmentation,

– analysis of user behavior and elements of the environment,

– creation of 3D maps of the environment based on the camera image,

– displaying objects in space,

– analyses based on data from other sensors of the device, e.g. IMU

– automated vision control of ambient elements

The operations as mentioned above require dedicated software and the development of specialized ML/DL algorithms/models (and this is what we do at Nsflow). Additionally, incorporation of this processor allows us to run AI-based solutions directly on the device, whereas previously it required an additional server to receive data from the device (e.g., image or sensor data), perform calculations and send back the results of these calculations to the device, leading to complicated system architecture and entailed delays.

RealWear Navigator Z1 use cases

  • Efficiently managed Inspection Data Management Systems (IDMS)
  • Personnel utilizing Field Services Management (FSM)
  • Diagnosing equipment issues with guidance from remote experts
  • Remote, hands-on training


Display720p HD
Field of view24॰
Operating systemAndroid 12 (AOSP) + WearHF® hands-free interface
Languages supportedChinese (Cantonese, Mandarin-Simplified and Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (American, Australian, British, Indian), French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish
ChipsetQualcomm® QCS6490
Memory128 GB Internal Storage / 8 GB RAM 
Camera 48 MP Sensor, PDAF with LED flashlight, modular

The takeaway

Considering everything mentioned above, we wholeheartedly endorse the Navigator Z1. The AR headset seems to be a strategic addition to the current lineup. The Navigator series remains a pinnacle in wearable tech, with the subsequent model only refining areas genuinely requiring improvements. It stands as a testament to advanced tech, precisely embodying its purpose – a sturdy instrument crafted for frontline personnel.

As industries continue to evolve, adopting state-of-the-art solutions like the RealWear Navigator® Z1 can be the difference between staying ahead or falling behind. This is not just a product; it’s a revolution. Dive into this new era and equip your frontline teams with the tools they need to succeed.

The most advanced device on its own is still a piece of equipment. What’s necessary to make it a fully functional companion supporting frontline workers is the matching software. Here’s how Nsflow can support your on-site workers for maximum safety and performance – learn more about the AR-powered industrial solution.